2018-02-20 Work Time:
12:00-21:00 (left 11 h.)

For groups


We invite you to celebrate your special events and to commemorate occasions together at the Snow Arena. We will help you to create a fun and bright atmosphere for personal and other celebrations. A small group of ten pals, or several hundred people gathered for a corporate celebration, will all have a great time at our complex. The employees of the Snow Arena will make sure that the party you were dreaming about will become a reality.

Skiing for groups

Beginners’ track

Beginners’ track

Designed for beginners and skiing lessons with qualified instructors.

Main track

Main track

Designed for training, competitions and skiing lessons with our instructors.

Outdoor track

Outdoor track

Designed for advanced and professional skiers and snowboarders.

<em>Snow park</em>

Snow park

This is a place where lovers of active and extreme sports gather, with...

Skiing school

Skiing school

DruSkiSchool offers services for beginners and for those wishing to...

Other activities

Ski equipment rental/service point

We offer a possibility for Arena visitors to hire professional ski equipment and thermal gear.


After entertaining activities you can regain your energy and strength by enjoying healthy, always fresh and delicious food at the restaurants found at the complex.

Photo session in the snow

For those wishing to immortalise a delightful moment, we offer photo shoots in the snow at any time of the year.


Apart from regular skiing, you can also enjoy yourself at the Snow Arena by joining in other activities. You are welcome to try the events at the restaurants, including wine tasting and DJ evenings.


Ski pass prices

Equipment/gear rental prices

Price for the services of Snow Arena instructors

Training price Eur with VAT

1 hour

Additional 1 hour

1 instructor for two

35,00 Eur
25,00 Eur
 60,00 Eur
30,00 Eur
20,00 Eur
50,00 Eur

* It is necessary to provide a valid pupil or student certificate.
Discount applies to groups, with one instructor training group:
      4-6 persons -15%;
      7-9 persons -20%.
- Pre-registration required.


Without loyalty card
With loyalty card