Winter recreation all year round

Snow Arena in Druskininkai

This is the only winter sports complex open all year round in the Baltic States. Three skiing tracks designed for alpine skiing and snowboarding are built on an area covering 8 hectares.

Swiss mountain lifts

State-of-the-art Swiss mountain lifts are installed at the Snow Arena including: 4-person chairlifts, rope tow (stirrup) lifts and carpet lifts. Qualified instructors will assist beginners in using the lifts.

Safe skiing

We care a great deal about the safety of our clients. Therefore, a lot of attention is devoted to equipment maintenance and the comfort of our visitors. All machinery operating at the Arena conforms to safety requirements, and the lifts are regularly checked and tested. Video monitoring is provided to ensure your safety, and skiing is learned together with experienced and professional ski instructors. A doctor is always on call at the complex to offer first aid assistance. We believe that safety comes first.

Snow production

Snow for the skiing tracks is made using PowderStar Series technology. The snow is made using compressed air and cold water without any chemicals or bacterial additives. The snow production system at the Snow Arena is automated, and is controlled and managed remotely. PowderStar Series technology allows us to provide the highest quality snow for skiing tracks all year round.

Temperature and equipment

The average temperature on the ski track at the Snow Arena fluctuates between -2oC and -4oC. For this reason, we recommend wearing thermal clothing. Visitors who do not have the clothing and equipment designated for skiing can rent this for an additional fee at the rental point of the Snow Arena. A changing zone is provided for the convenience of our visitors, where you can find changing cabins, 1000 lockers for the storage of personal belongings, and showers.

Rules of the Snow Arena complex

Snow Arena Rules 

  1. The following terms used in these rules:
    1. Card – the purchase or another lawful access to use a slope of Snow Arena;
    2. Visitor(s) – Snow Arena client;
    3. Snow Arena – UAB “Druskinink┼│ sveikatinimo ir poilsio centras AQUA” division Snow Arena as entity (operator) and Snow Arena as object – Slopes, other premises (cafes, passages, recreation, changing areas ant etc.);
    4. Rules – Internal rules of Snow Arena govern the use of Snow Arena and conduct of Visitors in it;
    5. Slopes – Snow Arena slope for beginners, main slope, outside slope and other areas with the snow on it.
  2. These rules regulate the conduct rights, duties on the slopes and all other premises of Snow Arena (cafes, passages, recreation, changing areas ant etc.) and territories.
  3. The legal relationships between Visitor and Snow Arena governs by these rules, the Civil Code and other applicated acts. The legal relationships between the Visitor and Snow Arena begins from the moment the person acquires a Card and becomes a Visitor. Once a visitor has purchased a ticket, it is possible to enter and exit the barriers only once.
  4. Only the cardholder can use the slopes. Snow Arena shall allow the Visitor to use the slopes exclusively accordance with the terms of this rules. The Visitor have to save the Card to Snow Arena until the end of visiting time (until the exit barriers) and must to show the Card upon the request by staff of Snow Arena. The latest Cards are sold 1,5 hours before the Snow Arena closing time.
  5. Upon purchasing a ticket to Snow Arena, every visitor agrees to the following rules and undertakes to comply with them. The visitor also undertakes to comply with all announcements, signs and instructions in Snow Arena
  6. These rules are bending on all persons who are in all Snow Arena territories.
  7. Persons under 16 years old are entitled to use the slope just with the adult care. The adult person is fully responsible for person who is under 16 years old.
    1. The minimum skills and knowledge required for using the ski tracks are:
      1. safe braking and stopping;
      2. speed control;
      3. ability to turn;
      4. ability to use the elevators.
    2. In order to avoid the threat to Visitor and other Visitors, the Visitor who does not have minimum skills and knowledge shall not have the right to use the slopes without a help of instructors.
    3. Ski slopes of Snow Arena are a cold room, therefore, visitors are recommended to wear appropriate winter clothing. For those who have no appropriate clothing, it can be rented at an additional fee in Snow Arena ski clothing and equipment rental. Ski equipment and clothing may not be reserved. All items of rented inventory must be returned together (not in parts).
    4. Visitors with health problems (physical and/or mental) should consult a doctor before visiting Snow Arena. In the case of any risks (doubts), the Visitor is not entitled to use the slope.
    5. The main track of Snow Arena is equipped with seven SOS phones marked with special signs, where visitors can call for assistance in the event of an accident on the track.
    6. Those willing to learn to go on skis or a snowboard and use the lifts, may contact the instructors of Snow Arena, and learn the basics of skiing at an extra fee.
    7. Visitors can have cold drinks and eat in the cold part of Snow Arena only in the Intermediate Bo Bar, Finish Bar.
    8. It is strictly forbidden to be on slopes under the influence of alcohol (the alcohol level in the blood could not be higher than 0,0 promiles), narcotic, psihotropic or other substance. The Visitor agrees in advance to check sobriety on request of the Snow Arena staff.
    9. In order to ensure security and general rules Visitors of Snow Arena shall be prohibited:
      1. Performing any other action that would interfere with the safe use of the trails, lifts;
      2. Smoking in the Snow Arena complex (except for the designated areas);
      3. To leave unattended persons who are not untitled to use the slopes;
      4. Taking rented clothing and inventory from the Snow Arena complex, spoil it (intentional yar carelessly;
      5. Getting through the turnstiles or entering through the official premises to the Arena in the unauthorized way, penalty 50,00 EUR.
      6. Engaging in various commercial activities and advertising in the complex without approval of the Snow Arena personnel regardless of whether the activities are related to the receipt of income, or not;
      7. Without the prior written confirmation to climb on the Ice wall;
      8. Skiing on sledge or other means, except mountain skis and snowboards, snow bikes (“tubing” tire on the slope for beginners);
      9. Littering in the Snow Arena area;
      10. Leaving personal belongings, clothing, inventory not at the designated locations;
    10. Among the other obligations under these rules the Visitor must protect his/her assets:
      1. Properly supervise all of assets;
      2. To store equipment against theft or loss;
      3. Keep the inventory in condition selecting the correct speed and trajectory of skiing.
    1. There are two types of lifts (seating and standing) for raising Visitors from the end of the slope to the beginning.
    2. Main rules of lifts:
      1. The Visitor must follow the order of the lift;
      2. The Visitor may sit (seating lift)/ stand (standing lift) on the lift only in the intended location;
      3. The Visitor (skier) holding the ski sticks must remove sticks belts and keep the sticks in hand;
      4. The Visitor must direct the skis/snowboard on the direction of the lift path;
      5. It is prohibited to disembark from the lift without reaching the safe area;
      6. The Visitor must make sure that the lift protection is not hooked on the clothes or equipment before removing protection;
      7. The Visitor lifted by lift to the mountain must immediately free the site in the direction of the slope and if it’s necessary stop only in the safe place.
    3. The Visitor who has no experience in using the lift must inform Snow Arena staff.
    4. If the Visitors notices a malfunction using the lift, they must to immediately inform Snow Arena staff.
    5. After deciding to climb up the route on foot, a skier or a snowboarder must stay at the side of the track, and not interfere with descending visitors.
    1. Before commencing a descent, the Visitor must make sure that he does not pose any threat to himself, to other Visitors and to the property of any person. For this purpose, the Visitor must individually assess his chances, the condition of the slopes, the presence and trajectory of movement of other Visitors, the presence of objects on the slopes, the movement of the snowmobile and other significant circumstances. These provisions shall also apply to individual manoeuvres.
    2. The visitor is allowed to start the descent only after making sure of the possibility of a safe landing. The visitor is prohibited from starting a descent with any doubts as to the possibility of a safe landing. These provisions shall also apply to individual manoeuvres.
    3. The visitor, who is descent in the Slope, has the right to overtake the next Visitor only if he is convinced of the safety of such a manoeuvre. In any case, the overtaking Visitor must observe a safe distance. The visitor approaching from behind must choose the direction and manoeuvre so as not to endanger the Visitor at the forefront.
    4. The visitor must only ski with the right inventory and clothing. The visitor is prohibited from using a technically untidy inventory. The visitor must wear a helmet throughout the period of stay on the Slopes.
    5. It is forbidden for the visitor to go down the slope only on a straight trajectory and/or at an unsafe speed.
    6. In case of an accident, everyone who is able must help the victim; witnesses must provide all necessary information for the service personnel and medical staff.
    7. It is allowed to stop only in s well visible spot, at the track-side. A skier or a snowboarder must avoid stopping on the fast-speed section of the descent, in narrow sections or in limited visibility areas, unless it is absolutely necessary. A skier or a snowboarder who falls in such place, must retire from the dangerous area as soon as possible.
    8. The visitor who has fallen must make every effort to immediately leave the fall site by continuing to land or to move to the nearest edge of the track.
    1. There is a special snowboard park on the slopes. This is a high-risk area intended for professionals.
    2. In addition to the general requirements specified in these Rules, additional safety rules apply in the snowboard park:
      1. The snowboard park may only be used with appropriate experience and special training;
      2. In the snowboard park it is allowed to ski only with a snowboard or special skis adapted for the snowboard park;
      3. It is forbidden to use the equipment rented from the Snow Arena in the snowboard park.
  12. “TUBING” USE
  1. Snow Arena provides a Tubing ski service.
  2. Skiing with a Tubing tire is only allowed in a safer body position - on your back, with your feet in the direction of the slope.
  3. Skiing with a Tubing tire is only allowed on the beginner's track.


    1. Visitor 's responsibility
      1. The Visitor is responsible for damage caused directly or indirectly to the Snow Arena and / or any third parties;
      2. In all cases, skiing is a high-risk activity with a real risk of damage to health and property. When making a decision to engage in this activity and / or to be on the Routes where such activities are carried out, the Visitor assumes all risks associated with it;
      3. In the case of a collision, the Visitor is liable for damage caused to the Visitor below;
      4. If the Visitor does not comply with any of the requirements of these Rules, Snow Arena has the right to unilaterally cancel the Card (non-refundable) and / or prohibit the use of the Tracks (or specific Tracks);
      5. The risk of losing the card is on the Visitor, i.e. The Visitor who has lost the Card is no longer entitled to use the Tracks (including in cases when the Visitor has received the Card free of charge);
      6. A visitor who has damaged the inventory and / or clothing rented from the Snow Arena must compensate for all the damage;
    2. Snow Arena responsibility
      1. Snow Arena is not responsible for injuries to visitors, accidents, health problems, injury to another person;
      2. Snow Arena is not responsible for accidents and losses incurred by the Visitor or third parties in violation of the requirements of these Rules or the decisions made on the basis of the Rules;
      3. Snow Arena is not responsible for any damage (depreciation) and loss of ski equipment or other property on the Slopes;
      4. Snow Arena is not responsible for the safety of items left in the lockers in the changing room;
      5. Depending on the specifics of Snow arena activities, the condition of the snow may change constantly, therefore Snow arena is not responsible for the uninterrupted quality assurance of the slopes;
      6. Snow Arena is not responsible for events caused by the Visitor's physical and / or mental health characteristics and / or disorders;
      7. Snow Arena is not responsible for the temporary ban on the use of lifts and tracks due to technical obstacles (in these cases the price of services is not recalculated and the money is not refunded).
    3. The Visitor is informed that disputes related to consumer relations are resolved by the State Consumer Rights Protection Service and the courts of the Republic of Lithuania. Visitors who are not consumers (for example, professional athletes in training) are informed that disputes are settled in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.
    1. Snow Arena monitors all the territory of Snow Arena with video surveillance cameras, as well as collects Visitors' names, surnames, contact details.
    2. Data controller – UAB Druskinink┼│ sveikatinimo ir poilsio centras AQUA, legal entity code 300076944, registered office address Druskininkai, Vilniaus al. 13-1, tel. No. [+370 313 52341], email p. [],,
    3. The purpose of data processing is to provide quality services (fulfill the contract), fulfill legal obligations, protect the interests of individuals. Without personal data, this would not be possible.
    4. The legal basis for data processing is a legal obligation, a contract, protection of the interests of individuals.
    5. Contact details of the Data Protection Officer - [+370 614 87739].
    6. The period of data retention – for no longer than is necessary to achieve the objectives set out in this report.
    7. Your personal data may be provided (for the execution and administration of legal transitions):
      1. IT, server, mail, archiving, accounting service providers;
      2. Notaries, bailiffs, lawyers, consultants, auditors;
      3. Law enforcement and supervisory, as well as other state and municipal institutions, courts, other dispute resolution institutions.
    8. Snow Arena inform that, on established grounds, the General Data Protection Regulation gives the data subject the following rights: the right of access to personal data and how they are processed; the right to request the rectification or supplementing of incomplete personal data, taking into account the purposes of the processing of personal data; the right to request the destruction of your data or to suspend the processing of your data (except for storage); the right to request that the processing of personal data be restricted; the right to data transfer; the right to submit a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate; the right to withdraw consent, if any, or the right to object if such consent is requested. The data subject's rights can only be exercised once the data subject has been identified and the validity of the data subject's request has been assessed on a case-by-case basis.
    9. Snow Arena inform that you have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority - the State Data Protection Inspectorate (L. Sapiegos g. 17, 10312 Vilnius, tel. (8 5) 271 28 04, (8 5) 279 1445, faks. (8 5) 261 9494, el. p.,

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