Aero Gallery

Aero Gallery restaurant is found in an impressive location – at a 50 metre altitude on the top of the Snow Arena hill. You will be offered flawless service, exquisite European cuisine and an amazing panoramic view of Druskininkai through the windows.
Aero Gallery is the perfect place for a party, where special tasting nights, grand receptions, banquets and cocktail parties can be organised.
Our kitchen chef is ready to surprise you with meals prepared from fresh natural products, while our restaurant staff will ensure you relax and enjoy your visit.
There are 106 seats in the restaurant. It has a cosy, romantic atmosphere with views through the windows that will enchant you, and is suitable for both small personal parties and grand receptions.


    SnowBoBar is a perfect place to warm up and regain your energy and strength. Here you can not only quench your hunger or thirst but also chat with friends, meet new people and share your stories.

    Once you enter the bar during your skiing session, your ski time is suspended, so there is no need to hurry. Sit back and enjoy yourself.


    The self-service restaurant offers delicious and healthy food, which is freshly made from high-quality ingredients. Menus include a wide variety of European meals, and you will always be able to choose what you like the most.

    Once you enter the self-service restaurant during a skiing session, your ski time is suspended. Refresh yourself, regain your energy and then continue the fun!

Ice Bar

    The only one in Lithuania, our Ice Bar is waiting to welcome you to a twinkling ice kingdom. Here you will be able to sit on an ice throne, or enjoy refreshments served in glasses made of ice.

    This is a perfect place for relaxation and for meetings with like-minded friends. Enjoy the icy delight!


    Pies, buns and pizzas are the pride of the bakery. It has three central rules: everything must be simple but taste exquisite; it must be freshly baked like it was by your grandmother; and it must use only fresh and natural products.

    Everything at the bakery is baked in wood-fired ovens, making all products very delicious and fresh. Baked bread, pies and buns have already become popular presents.