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Snow Arena Rules 

1.   General.

1.1     Internal Rules of Snow Arena govern the use of Snow Arena and conduct of visitors in it. All visitors must familiarize themselves with these rules. Safety and convenience are the most important, and Snow Arena seeks to ensure it.

1.2     Always behave appropriately and respect other visitors and personnel. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and such visitors will be not allowed to stay, or escorted from Snow Arena. In this case, the money paid for services will not be refunded, and the decision of the personnel is indisputable.

1.3     Upon purchasing a ticket to Snow Arena, every visitor agrees to the following rules and undertakes to comply with them. The visitor also undertakes to comply with all announcements, signs and instructions in Snow Arena. The personnel of Snow Arena shall not be responsible for the consequences resulting from non-compliance with these rules.

1.4     The ski slopes and snowboard park are only open to visitors upon purchasing a ski ticket. The visitor must keep the Snow Arena ticket till the end of the skiing session, and submit the ticket to Snow Arena personnel upon request. Last tickets are sold 1.5 hour before the end of the working hours of the tracks.

1.5     The minimum skills and knowledge required for using the ski tracks are: safe braking and stopping; speed control; ability to turn; ability to use the elevators. Snow Arena personnel have the right to ask visitors to move from the main ski slope to the starter track if the visitors are unable to perform these actions.

1.6     Those willing to learn to go on skis or a snowboard and use the lifts, may contact the instructors of DruSkiSchool available at the ski school in Snow Arena, and learn the basics of skiing at an extra fee.

1.7     Only certified instructors can teach skiing on the ski slopes of Snow Arena. They must present a proof of their skills and sign a service agreement with Snow Arena.

1.8     Ski slopes of Snow Arena are a cold room, therefore, visitors are recommended to wear appropriate winter clothing. For those who have no appropriate clothing, it can be rented at an additional fee in Snow Arena ski clothing and equipment rental. Ski equipment and clothing may not be reserved. All items of rented inventory must be returned together (not in parts). Visitors are required to compensate for the damaged or broken equipment and items.

1.9     The entrance to the cold room, the use of lifts and skiing/skating on the tracks is the responsibility and risk of our visitors. Owners, managers and personnel of Snow Arena shall not be liable for injuries, accidents, health problems, other person’s injury, damage to personal equipment, clothing and for abandoned, lost or stolen items. Visitors are expected to seriously consider their skills and behave adequately, to take care of personal belongings, leave them in the lockers in the dressing area and pick them when leaving the Arena.

1.10   Visitors with health problems should consult a doctor before visiting Snow Arena complex to make sure it will not harm their health. Visitors assume all risks of visiting Snow Arena and Snow Arena shall not be liable for any health problems of its visitors. Visitors freely decide on the choice of ski/skating sports/entertainment, being aware, having assessed and assumed all related risks, including those referred to in paragraph 1.9 of these rules.

1.11   Visitors must compensate for any property damage to Snow Arena in accordance with the rates of Snow Arena. Visitors must compensate for damage caused to the health or property of other visitors in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. Parents, guardians or caretakers are responsible for minors.

1.12   The main track of Snow Arena is equipped with seven SOS phones marked with special signs, where visitors can call for assistance in the event of an accident on the track.

1.13   For security reasons, Snow Arena complex is equipped with a video surveillance system.

1.14   Due to technical reasons using lifts and certain zones may be temporarily prohibited in Snow Arena. In such case, the price of services shall not be changed, and fees are non-refundable.

1.15   Snow Arena is equipped with special smoking areas. Smoking in places not intended for it is in conflict with the rules of Snow Arena.

1.16   Visitors can have cold drinks and eat in the cold part of Snow Arena only in the Intermediate SnowBo Bar, Carlsberg Finish Bar and Ice Bar.

1.17   Visitors who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave Snow Arena. Snow Arena personnel may escort the visitors who fail to comply with these rules from the Snow Arena ski area or from the complex. In case of repeated or grave breach of the rules visitors may be banned from using the Snow Arena ski area and/or complex for an indefinite period. In such case, the money paid for services shall not be reimbursed.

2.  Rules of conduct at Snow Arena:

2.1.    Respect other visitors of Snow Arena. A skier or a snowboarder must make sure not to endanger or cause harm to others.

2.2.    Control your speed. A skier or a snowboarder must choose the right speed and manoeuvres, with consideration of their personal skills and traffic intensity on the routes.

2.3.    Be careful when passing those skiing below. A skier or a snowboarder coming from behind must choose a direction and a manoeuvre that does not endanger skiers or snowboarders in front of him.

2.4.    Leave enough space for manoeuvres. A skier or a snowboarder may overtake another skier or snowboarder from the left or from the right, making sure to leave enough space for the overtaken skier or snowboarder, without making any intentional or involuntary movement.

2.5.    Always look around before entering the trails and starting to descend. When starting to ski, or restarting after a stop, look around and assess whether it is possible to ski without endangering yourself and others, evaluate the track, the presence of other persons on the track, the descending trajectory, and the safe descent.

2.6.    It is allowed to stop only in s well visible spot, at the track-side. A skier or a snowboarder must avoid stopping on the fast-speed section of the descent, in narrow sections or in limited visibility areas, unless it is absolutely necessary. A skier or a snowboarder who falls in such place, must retire from the dangerous area as soon as possible.

2.7.    Ascending to the top of the route. After deciding to climb up the route on foot, a skier or a snowboarder must stay at the side of the track, and not interfere with descending visitors.

2.8.    Follow the instructions on the signs and markings. A skier or a snowboarder must take into account all signs and markings on the routes, on/near the lifts, and in the entire Snow Arena, and comply with the requirements or instructions of Snow Arena personnel regarding the use of the slopes, lifts and equipment.

2.9.    Accidents. In case of an accident, everyone who is able must help the victim; witnesses must provide all necessary information for the service personnel and medical staff.

2.10.  Person’s identification in case of accident. Each skier, snowboarder and witness of an accident, or a person responsible for the accident must provide personal information to service personnel and medical staff for the documentation of the accident.

3.   Visitors of Snow Arena shall be prohibited:

3.1.    Skiing without helmets.

3.2.    Descending in a straight trajectory on the main skiing or snowboarding trail in a high speed.

3.3.    Ascending in the lift without closing the safety rail.

3.4.    Ascending in the lift without unlocking one snowboard binding, and lifting one leg out of the snowboard attachment.

3.5.    Interfering with the movement of visitors, climbing, setting on the turnstiles and gates, lighting equipment, lifts and supports, other supporting structures, jumping over the turnstiles, gates, and security walls.

3.6.    Visiting the Snow Arena complex under the influence of alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic or other substances.

3.7.    Using trails or lifts, if health problems, physical, mental or other disorders may interfere with their safe use, and/or may pose negative consequences.

3.8.    Performing any other action that would interfere with the safe use of the trails, lifts and/or would endanger the health or property of other persons.

3.9.    Smoking in the Snow Arena complex (except for the designated areas).

3.10.  Leaving children unattended.

3.11.  Taking rented clothing and inventory from the Snow Arena complex.

3.12.  Getting through the turnstiles or entering through the official premises to the Arena in the unauthorized way.

3.13.  Damaging the complex inventory and equipment, using own inventory if it is in poor technical condition.

3.14.  Engaging in various commercial activities and advertising in the complex without approval of the Snow Arena personnel regardless of whether the activities are related to the receipt of income, or not.

3.15.  Beginners are not allowed to ski in the snowboard park and use the Snow Arena inventory.

3.16.  Skiing on sledge or other means, except mountain skis and snowboards.

3.17.  Skiing on Snow Tubing tires on the main track.

3.18.  Littering in the Snow Arena area, leaving personal belongings, clothing, inventory not at the designated locations.

3.19.  Taking photos or filming, unless a special authorization is obtained.

By signing these internal rules of procedure, I undertake to comply with these rules and assume full responsibility and risks associated with compliance to these rules and damage that may be caused. I agree that in case of breach of these rules I will be fully liable, and I am aware that Snow Arena is not responsible for any damage.

*Personal information is collected only for the purposes of the consent to the internal rules of procedure. Except for cases stipulated by the laws, personal information will not be transferred to third parties or used for commercial purposes. 

Rules and possibilities of the loyalty card programme

Loyalty programme rules


If you want to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the loyalty programme, you must first purchase a loyalty card (price 3.00 eur). You will receive the card after filling out a form at the complex reception. Any person above the age of 16 can purchase a card. One person can hold only one card, and the card cannot be transferred to other persons. The owner of the card shall be obliged to comply with the rules of the Snow Arena complex.

Snow Arena visitors, who have purchased a loyalty card, can make use of loyalty programme services. For each purchased ski ticket the owner will receive a certain number of points, which he/she can collect and use to pay for a part of the price for further services rendered at the Snow Arena skiing complex. For each 1 eur spend on a ski ticket, the owner of the Snow Arena loyalty card will receive 1 point, the value of which is 0.01 eur.


Accumulated points can be used for the following:

  • When purchasing all types of ski tickets, pay for up to 99% of the ticket price using your points;
  • When renting equipment and gear, pay for up to 99% of the price of the service using your points;
  • When paying bills at all bars and restaurants open at the Snow Arena (except the Aero Gallery), use your points to pay for up to 30% of the bill.


The owners of a loyalty card, who have purchased a long-term (1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months) subscription, will have 50 points additionally added to their cards for each visit to the Snow Arena complex during the validity of the subscription, which can later be used to pay for services provided at the Snow Arena complex.


The amount accumulated on a card is stated on the receipt. Collected points will not be exchanged for money.


You should inform the employee of the Snow Arena complex in advance about the amount of points you wish to use, before you pay for the service.


If you have lost or cannot find your card, you must notify us by dialling +370 618 41112 or e-mailing snowarena@snowarena.lt. Once the message about a lost card is received, that card will be blocked and the points accumulated will be transferred to a new card. The new card will be issued once a card purchase price is paid.


Snow Arena reserves the right to modify the rules of the loyalty programme by issuing a notification to the programme participants 10 days in advance at the internet website www.snowarena.lt or at the Snow Arena complex reception.


Ski pass prices

Prices of ski pass in Eur including VAT




Adults (18+)

90,00 Eur

105,00 Eur

305,00 Eur

Pupils / Students / Seniors

75,00 Eur

90,00 Eur

250,00 Eur

Children (from 3 to 7 years)

45,00 Eur

60,00 Eur

160,00 Eur

- Pass prices include access to: the main track, the beginners' track, the snowboarding park and lifts.
- Rental of equipment and gear is not included.
- The fine for lost pass is - 60,- Eur.
- A pass is valid from date of the first visit. The pass must be used within 60 days of the date of its purchase.
- A pass is valid for one person only. That person must produce a personal identity document with a photograph. Pupils / students must show the respective identification.
- Discounts are offered to pass holders only during special promotions. Discounts are not cumulative.
- The validity period of a pass can be extended only with the permission of the Snow Arena administration.
- Children below the age of 14 are allowed to use the ski tracks only under the supervision of an adults, who is responsible for their safety.
-The validity of a pass can be suspended due to objective reasons in accordance with the internal procedures of the administration.

Equipment/gear rental prices

Price of equipment rental in Eur incl. VAT Child below the age of 18 Adults
Skis 6,00 Eur 10,00 Eur
Snowboard 6,00 Eur 12,00 Eur
Ski boots 6,00 Eur 10,00 Eur
Snowboard boots 6,00 Eur 12,00 Eur
Ski poles 2,00 Eur 2,00 Eur
Helmet 3,00 Eur 4,00 Eur
Skiing trousers OR jacket 5,00 Eur 7,00 Eur
Skiing trousers AND jacket 7,00 Eur 9,00 Eur
ECONOMY (skis, boots, ski poles, helmet) 13,00 Eur 19,00 Eur
ECONOMY (snowboard, boots, helmet) 13,00 Eur 24,00 Eur
PREMIUM (skis, boots, ski poles, helmet, trousers, jacket) 16,00 Eur 23,00 Eur
PREMIUM (snowboard, boots, helmet, trousers, jacket) 16,00 Eur 28,00 Eur
Family ECONOMY (2 adults and 2 child below the age of 18) skis / snowboard 55,00 Eur
Family PREMIUM (2 adults and 2 child below the age of 18) skis / snowboard 71,00 Eur
Price of equipment rental in Eur incl. VAT Child below the age of 18 Adults
Skis 6,00 Eur 10,00 Eur
Snowboard 6,00 Eur 12,00 Eur
Ski boots 6,00 Eur 10,00 Eur
Snowboard boots 6,00 Eur 12,00 Eur
Ski poles 2,00 Eur 2,00 Eur
Helmet 3,00 Eur 4,00 Eur
Skiing trousers OR jacket 5,00 Eur 7,00 Eur
Skiing trousers AND jacket 7,00 Eur 9,00 Eur
ECONOMY (skis, boots, ski poles, helmet) 11,00 Eur 17,00 Eur
ECONOMY (snowboard, boots, helmet) 11,00 Eur 22,00 Eur
PREMIUM (skis, boots, ski poles, helmet, trousers, jacket) 14,00 Eur 21,00 Eur
PREMIUM (snowboard, boots, helmet, trousers, jacket) 14,00 Eur 26,00 Eur
Family ECONOMY (2 adults and 2 child below the age of 18) skis / snowboard 50,00 Eur
Family PREMIUM (2 adults and 2 child below the age of 18) skis / snowboard 62,00 Eur


Price for Snow Tubing

Prices for equipment maintenance

Price for the services of Snow Arena instructors

Training price Eur with VAT

1 hour

Additional 1 hour

1 instructor for two

35,00 Eur
25,00 Eur
 60,00 Eur
30,00 Eur
20,00 Eur
50,00 Eur

* It is necessary to provide a valid pupil or student certificate.
Discount applies to groups, with one instructor training group:
      4-6 persons -15%;
      7-9 persons -20%.
- Pre-registration required.

Prices of storage room rental

Other prices

Prices for other services in EUR incl. VAT

Snow Bike

25,00 Eur

SKINIJA socks (adult sizes)

12,00 Eur

SKINIJA socks (shildren's sizes)

9,00 Eur


4,50 Eur

Hygiene kit

1,00 Eur

Towel rental

1,50 Eur

Ride with go cart

10-minute ride with a go cart

V-VII and holidays
10,00 Eur
12,00 Eur
Family (2 adults and 2 children up to 18 years old)
32,00 Eur
40,00 Eur


Without loyalty card
With loyalty card